Roger Goodell has fined Marshon Lattimore $13k for Donating to the Salvation Army.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has mastered the art of fining football players. Considering he can’t penalize individuals for celebrating touchdowns anymore, Roger has decided that doing a good holiday mitzvah is worthy of a fine. Hard to believe that being a good Samaritan and supporting the less fortunate is now a crime in 2018. Apparently donating to an organization that fights to cure poverty, hunger, and assists during natural disasters is a sin. Also, $23 is probably the biggest donation SA has received. Most people give a couple dimes and a nickel. Marshon whipped out a 20 and a handful of 1s. That’s big boy money that’d make a difference. ¬†Shame on you Roger, bitch!

Maybe Goodell is anti-Protestant. When Zeke jumped into the Salvation Army Bowl behind the end zone, Roger actually shit his pants. Now, he’s fining Marshon for simply donating 23$ to a good cause. Considering the Salvation Army is foundation built off the values of the Christian faith, this incident is forcing me to make the following conclusion: Roger is working to progressively silence the Christian community and build off the fascist movement executed by Mussollini and Hitler. If he continues to collect money at this rate, he’ll personally fund a charter to form his own colony, create his own religion, and establish a government that resembles that of Nazi Germany circa 1943.

I’ll look into if this is true or not….

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 6.35.06 PM

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