The New York Mets Have Finally Entered the 21st Century: Hire First Analytical Nerd In Franchise History

Let me be the first to officially welcome the New York Mets to the 21st Century: Welcome.  It took only 18 years and 11 months, but the Mets are finally taking positive steps in hiring people who actually have more than 1 brain cell. Former Gm Sandy Anderson and former head coach Terry Collins both required their adult diapers to be changed hourly; while having to making vital baseball decisions like signing Jay Bruce and Todd Frazier, who both haven’t gotten a hit since 2016. The Mets are at a point where they should just ask this Adam Guttridge guy to play for them and anchor the defense. Give him a Wilson A800 glove and pray he can play short and hit lead off.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 3.15.30 PM.png

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