Week 8 in the AFC / NFC West

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 10.32.49 PM

Broncos 23 Chiefs 30 

Good teams win football games. GREAT teams cover the spread. Chiefs couldn’t cover a  -10 line at home verse an average Broncos team. Just something to think about it.

Mahomism is apparently real in the mid-west:

I made a mental note to myself during this game to emphasize that Phillip Lindsey is an angry runner. There’s players like Lev Bell who are patient and wait for a hole to open up. And there’s downhill running backs like Lindsey who wanna run straight through you every single time. Lindsey>Barkley I guess.

Kareem Hunt: Really fucking good at football.

I feel it’s my responsibility to let everybody know this is a good list to be apart of. Remember when Trubisky was drafted 8 picks before Mahomes? Yikes.

Congrats to the…… uh …beautiful couple. Coach Joseph needs to ask Miller’s stripper fiancee to put her hand in the dirt and fill the A gap to stop the run on defense. That’s a body that has the ability to limit the run game while still getting pressure to the quarterback.

Seahawks 28 Lions 14

Is there anything better than watching a punter scramble for a first down and for the first time in his life, be accepted and celebrated on the sideline? You can tell by Dickson’s reaction he had no clue what to do when his teammates acknowledged him as an actual football player for the first time.

And we gotta mention this is the greatest nickname in sports right now. Big Balls Dickson. Love it.

Nolan Ryan drilled Ventura between the shoulder blades and put his ass in a headlock while throwing multiple solid punches. Shame on Bleacher Report for even putting this celebration in the same category. Shame on you!!!

God dammit Russ, you gotta chill with the turtled neck sweaters for me to take you seriously at this point.

Patricia had a tough time coaching today, it was obvious.

Maybe his pants were filled with jizz because he volunteered to take this picture pregame:

Hawks win big on the road.

Colts 42 Raiders 28

All time points scored in NFL history. Some GOAT shit. Very fitting he broke the record verse the Raiders. Vinny gives Gruden REAL nightmares, there’s no doubt in my mind about it.

This is the WORST honeymoon in the history of honeymoons. A honeymoon in the black hole? That sounds like the worst low budget porn of all time.

Nice play in the pocket here, but do you really want Derek Carr as your quarterback? I really doubt you truthfully want Derek Carr to be your quarterback at this point.

Are you really doing everything you can John? You traded away the best defensive  player in football plus your number 1 receiver who were both still on rookie deals. Yes, it can get ugly at times, and no you shouldn’t be excited about the future.

49ers 15 Cardinals 18 

Curious how the 49ers offense looked today? Here you go.

Nothing better than watching the two worst teams in football battle for the first to 18. Also, when your losing to the Cardinals you probably shouldn’t celebrate like this.

I have nothing else to report because this just an awful game.

Packers 27 Rams 29

Dang, you really hate to see this 😦

Packer fans with 2:00 left in the fourth down 2, with a chance for a game winning two minute drive. Ty Montgomery. Whoops!

Can someone let Ty be with the fellas during this tough time?

I’m being told many people are upset with Todd Gurley’s decision to purposely not score with only seconds left considering a touchdown and field goal would have had the Rams covering at -7.5. Love this move from Gurley. Team first. Respect for the game.

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