The Red Sox are Mad Manny Machado was Stealing Signs. They should be Grateful that’s all he did.


WEEI: According to Scott Miller of Bleacher Report, Manny Machado was relaying signs to hitters from second base and the Red Sox knew it, including pitching coach Dana LeVangie. Machado was on second base with the bases loaded for Matt Kemp’s sacrifice fly where he swung at the first pitch and then during the next at-bat with Enrique Hernandez at the plate things got interesting.During the nine-pitch at-bat, Machado seemed to be relaying both pitch and location with a variety of motions — sometimes touching his helmet, sometimes pulling on his jersey and sometimes touching his pants. 

The Red Sox should be genuinely grateful Manny was only stealing signs on Wednesday. That’s best case scenario actually. Considering Bogaerts, Devers, Kinsler, and Pierce are still physically functioning and not in the ICU at a local Boston hospital, I’d call Game 3 a success wouldn’t you?

Considering the game didn’t end with his cleats in your second basemen’s calf muscle….

Or with his bat nearly shattering your third basemen’s skull….

Or with him jeopardizing your first basemen’s tibia…

Red Sox fans should be grateful stealing signs was his worst crime. Stop complaining.

I’m done with Manny. I can’t handle it anymore. I don’t care how talented he is, or about his ability to carry a team to the postseason. I’d rather have Nick Punto and Skip Schumaker at this point platoon at short than deal with 7-8 more years of Manny Machado.

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