Is Simone Biles Being Hospitalized with a Kidney Stone a Result of Steroid Use?

Ok first thing that must be addressed. I’m not accusing Miss Biles of any steroids use. This is simply me using some investigative journalists skills, let’s begin.

Accoridng to (cool name).

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 3.15.17 PM.png

Let’s try and figure this out.

Not drinking enough liquids (especially water) each day: I doubt it. Gatorade is one of many Olympic sponsers so they probably hook it up with some liquids.

Heavy urinary tract infections often: Can’t confirm this.

To much of certain foods, such as meat, slat, nuts, and chocolate (According to Bussiness Insiders):  She told Women’s Health that her breakfast usually consists of: egg whites or cereal, and lunch includes chicken or fish. Pre-workout, she eats a high-potassium snack like bananas with peanut butter, since potassium can help ease muscle cramps. And post-workout, she opts for another protein-rich meal, “like salmon, and rice and carrots,” she said.

Wow that seems like a balnced diet to me. Very fitting for an Olympian. A diet that kidney stones would be afraid of. A balance of lean meats with fruit and cereal.

Obesity: Nah she’s 104 pounds. She’s a tank. Could probably play fullback if she had to.

Certain medicines, such as diuretics, steriods, and antacids: Interesiting

A family history of kidney stones: Can’t confirm, but I’ll try and figure out.

Being born with a kidney or bowel disorder: Can’t confirm

And how are kidney stones diagnosed you ask? hmmm. Interesting.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 3.56.39 PM

Rest up champ. Push that stone through!!!



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