Bills Coach Sean McDermott Called the MNF Game verse the Patriots an “Opportunity.” hmmm

You’re correct Sean. This is an opportunity. An excellent opportunity actually. An opportunity to get humiliated at home on national TV, verse your division rival that your franchise hasn’t beaten in a hundred plus years. I mean, you signed Derek Anderson off the street who gained some serious lbs in what he thought was retirement, and you have a running back who hasn’t seen open space on a football field since early 2017. Quit with the false hope bullshit. Your ball club sucks. I’d respect you a whole lot more if you stepped up the podium and said: “Listen, we have no talent, we have no competent coaches, we have no chance verse the Patriots but we’re still gonna show up and do our best.”

Does this look like a coach who thinks his team actually has a chance verse the Patriots? NO.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 3.08.38 PM

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