Dodgers Drop Game 6: Complete Recap

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 7.23.17 PM

Yikes. Remember when I said Craig Counsell got too cute having Wade Miley face one batter in Game 5, in order to give him a full 5 days rest heading into game 6? Yeah I was wrong, I can admit that.  Ryu struggled tonight: Many experts will call 3 IP with 5 ER in Game 6 of the NLCS  a poor performance. There’s only thing to do now: Hyun-Jin Ryu needs to call the Brewers his daddy and carry on. Just a little bump in the road. I’m not worried. Can you read the calmness in my voice? Complete zen.

Let’s begin.

Really thought tonight was gonna be great. Started like this:

Let’s check in on Brewers fans and Manny Machado. I’m sure they were pleased to see one another.

The bottom half of the 1st wasn’t as fun to be honest.

I never noticed how much Erik Kratz’s stupid facial hair frustrated me until he started getting hits. How can a normal functioning human being keep a landing strip on his face like this.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 7.37.10 PM

People forget: Jesus Aguilar has adult braces. The thought of this 275 pound giant in a tiny orthodontist chair, with farm animals painted on the walls getting his braces tightened is funny. Say cheese Jesus.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 8.31.32 PM

Orlando Arcia: Is it humanely possibly to be more dramatic than this? I have video evidence the ball was a foot away was from his face, it wasn’t even close to hitting him! If I had only heard the sound and not watched the video, I would have guessed the guy died right there on the field. Murder she wrote. Clean it up Orlando, you litter diva.

Game 7 should be fun. I mean, it would have been more fun to not play a Game 7 and end it tonight, but I guess another day of baseball should be fun. But god damn the Brewers have so much momentum going into tomorrow. Miller Park is just so electric. I’ll let you know when I start getting worried….

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