I’ve Found Angel Hernandez’s Replacement

Look how excited Vincent is to officiate a game from the stands. There’s pep in his step. He has genuine enthusiasm for the art of umpiring. As for Angel Hernandez? He’s lost it. Actually he’s never had it. He’s just guessing out there. Basically flipping a coin on each play and hoping either team doesn’t challenge the call on the field. I trust my guy Vincent making the calls from the bleachers more than I trust Angel, who’s actually on the field. Vincent absolutely has a better feel for the strike zone than Angel Hernandez does. Just look at that concentration.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 4.02.36 PM

Angel just makes everyone sad. Listen to the distress in Hawk’s voice here.

Not to mention Angel had the worst day in the history of umpiring  during Game 3 of the ALDS, where three of his calls were quickly overturned.

As we know by now, Angel Hernandez has filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball on account of racial discrimination. Hernandez claims baseball has limited his opportunities to work big games because of his Cuban heritage. Yet he’s worked three All-Star games, 10 Division Series, 8 Championship Series, and 2 World Series. Angel, I need you to listen closely right now. You’re heritage has nothing to do with the number of World Series or Championship Series you are awarded. The simple fact of the matter is: You’re just a shitty umpire. It’s that simple. Get better.

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