Therapy Session for All Dodger Fans.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 11.15.35 PM

Press. Repeat. Press. Repeat. Press. Repeat.

Last night was bad. Actually it was awful. Wait, actually it was horrendous. Yes, that was the worst game I’ve ever witnessed in person. Maybe at any level. That one Chicago Little League team from 2014 may’ve put up a better fight tonight.

Before we get into the serious business, I need to address another important issue. Does anybody know who’s responsible for playing the music at Dodger Stadium? Because I’m pretty sure I heard the same bullshit dubstep song in between every single inning. Holy shit that was hard to sit through. Random sounds followed by a bass drop, followed by some more random sounds and another bass drop. Simply unacceptable. It legitimately gave me chest pain, yes I regretted not packing a couple Tums for the road. Whatever happened to the good ole’ fashioned electric keyboard. Nancy Bea was a legend on those keys, I miss her on nights like this. Not signing her to a long term extension may have been Farhan Zaidi and the Guggenheim Group’s biggest mistake ever. I’m serious.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 11.40.11 PM

Let’s talk about it:

Monday was a beautiful day. About as perfect as possible actually. Clear skies, weather in the mid 70s with a little breeze, and besides for parking being $40 for the playoffs it was picture perfect.

Besides for a first inning run scoring double from Ryan Braun, Walker Buehler cruised tonight (Not counting the 7th inning, I’m pretending it didn’t happen). With his first 6 recorded outs being via the strikeout, Walker had command of every pitch. There’s no possible way you can hit these pitches. And according to tonight, I guess it was even more difficult to catch them…….

Listen, I understand catching 99mph with movement is tough. I once used those virtual reality goggles from a catchers viewpoint with Aroldis Chapman pitching. Yep, I had to body up and block a quick one in the dirt. Did it hurt? Sure. But it’s what had to be done.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Grandal had a couple passed balls again tonight. Not ideal. It’s apparently an on going theme at these point. Maybe he’s just physically tired from catching. Can someone get Yasmani some of those thick, Easton knee savers for the playoffs?

Leadership Award: Mary Hart for holding Yasmani Grandal responsible for his actions. Thank you for your service Mary.

Catching is only one facet of the game. Sure, controlling the game defensively is important, but as long as he’s putting up big numbers at the plate we can let the defensive fuck ups slide right? Couple big hits here. Couple big hits there. Oh shit wait

Thank you performing this valuable public service, Howard.

Yeah the Dodgers had five hits tonight and left what felt like a million runners on base. Thankfully, I have good news for you. You can only go up from here. At least I think so. Does anybody know if it’s possible to do worse than the Dodgers played tonight? I’ll say no.

Tuesday will be better. You have my word on that. As for last night however:

Message for my good friend Gerry Davis who called balls and strikes tonight: Where the fuck did this one miss?

Must win game today. See you there. Peace.

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